Covid struck again

Updated: Apr 28

OK, this is the story of my life.

In 2021 we planned a long road trip to the 'Big Red Bash' and beyond (see previous posts) . The trip was cut short due to the second wave of covid as we had to return to Melbourne from Queensland…within 24 hours.

Now 2022 as we start our Big Lap with a caravan (and to the Big Red Bash as well)…Covid has struck Lindsay!

As per the rules we need to pack up and go home to isolate for 7 days. THIS IS THE BAD NEWS.

On the other hand the good news is we never give up and will be on the road straight after the isolation period.

This is only a footnote to our adventure and we will be back on our way in not more than a week, so If you like to know how we progress, and what stories we encounter, just follow us….

The photo is of Lindsay on our last trip in 2021…without covid.

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