Notes from our road trip to the 'big red Bash' in Birdsville

I have not posted on the blog for number of days as we have experienced some issues along the way. So in summary, we left Mornington Peninsula on the 19th of June and crossed the border to NSW. We stayed in Mulwala for two nights and then to Wentworth(on the NSW side after Mildura). From their to Broken Hill all caravan parks were full, so we decided to stay in a Motel for one night and then off to White Cliffs. In white Cliffs all hell broke loose, as heavy rains start pouring and then Lindsay my wife became sick and had to be flown by the ‘Flying Doctors’ to hospital in Broken Hill. Obviously I had to drive there (300km each way). To our good luck all was cleared, and we drove back to Whit Cliffs to pack our camper trailer and carry onto Cobar. At this time the borders to Queensland opened and at the morning of the 26th of June we rushed to cross the border to Cunnamulla (Before the QLD premier would change her mind). But then Lindsay fell sick again and we had to drive 5 hours to Roma’s hospital (QLD). And again for our good luck all was cleared, and the day after we were off to Wyandra for the night and then to Thargomindah for two nights. After a rest of rainy two days we took the long wet drive through flooded roads to Windorah. In Windorah it was like a huge gathering of a “New Nation’ on wheels with caravans, Camper trailers and simple tents. The line for fuel was 300m long, and a atmosphere of partying was all over the 80 local residence town (that has grown to few thousands by now). On the morning of the 4th of July we got up for the 5 hours’ drive with dozens of Caravans and camper trailers on the long dirt road to Birdsville. AND HERE WE ARE AT THE ‘BIG RED BASH’ that started yesterday in a sunny warm day (but cold at night).

I am adding a few photos from White Cliffs, and Wyandra. More related photos will be added soon

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