On the road to the Big Red Bash (Birdsville)

So here we are on the way to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville. We left Victoria when the borders to NSW opened and we crossed to Mulwala in NSW. On to Wentworth with the intention to do the Darling

River Run, but heavy rains closed many roads including the Mungo Man (& woman) National park. we landed in Broken Hill, and then drove to White Cliffs (the opal town). Today we are at Cobar waiting to cross to Queensland. In order to cross the border to QLD one needs to complete a ‘Declaration form’ which we did last night and got approved, but late today we got a text message saying that the pass was cancelled for whatever crazy reason… and a new one need to be filled in which we did and got this one approved…..So tomorrow we are crossing to Queensland to stay the first day in Cunnamulla

. THE REASON THAT I TELL ALL THIS STORY IS TO HIGHLIGHT HOW LIFE HAS CHANGED FOR ALL OF US SINCE COVID-19 CAME FOR A VISIT. No more travelling Australia without all the different restrictions from the different state governments and lockdowns here and again as well as all the different the QR Codes for each state……but whatever it is, WE MUST NOT STOP TRAVELLING…..more to come…..

I have attached a photograph of a beautiful little church standing on its’.. nestled amongst the trees own in the middle of nowhere.

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