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We have not posted for the past 10 days and quite a bit has happened since then. We left Karumba after few days and carried on to ‘Leichardt River Falls’ where we stayed free camping for two days. It was beautiful with a camp fire at night and 34̊ degrees during the day. But one day would have been enough. From Leichardt River Falls we travelled to ‘Hells Gate’ an iconic pub and great caravan park on the Savannah HWY. It is an experience to find a pub in the middle of nowhere and we have been to quite a few of them durig this road trip. And now we get to the interesting part of these few days.

The drive from Hell’s Gate to ‘Borroloola’ was as rough as hell with kilometres of corrugation, all together about 400km. When we got to Borroloola after five and a half hours we discovered another puncture on the caravan and then streams of water leaking out when our water pump was on. So no water in the middle of nowhere. Borroloola is a town in the Northern Territory. It is located on the McArthur River, about 50 km from the Gulf of Carpentaria with a population of about 870 people. There was nowhere to fix the leak in this little town, but we found a place to repair the puncture. Replacing the wheel was a job that made me lose some considerable weight, as I was doing all of this in temperatures of above 30 degrees. So because we had no water we had to carry on to a place that can fix our water problem. Katherine was the place we headed to. The drive from Borroloola to Katherine is about 670Km so we stopped in ‘Daly Waters pub’. Daly Waters Historic Pub is off the Sturt HWY and a typical outback Australian pub, offering accommodation of differing styles. It was a very busy waterhole, again in the middle of nowhere.

We fixed the water issue in Katherine and went on to Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park, which was once again an amazing place to walk. It was very hot and we decided to take the “short route”... which was not so short but quite steep. We reached a point where we could see the enormous river and the ancient land surrounding it.

‘THE STORY OF NITMILUK. During Buwurr (Bu-war) a Dragon like figure came from the west. His name was Nabilil. Nabilil passed through the blue Tongue Lizard Dreaming places, Yerrelijirriyn and Wun-Gurri. The country was dry, so he carried water in Dilly bag. The birds tried to get the water but Nabilil was too clever for them. The entrance to the gorge Nabilil heard the sound of cricadas ‘nit-nit-nitnit’, so he called this place Nitmiluk….cicada-country. Nabilil then travelled far upstream and camped on the plateau. While nabilil was resting, Walarrk the cave bat, speared him. Nabilil dilly bag eas pierced, and the water spilled and filled the gorge, creating a river. The birds were happy and drank the water. They also discovered Nabilil’s firesticks growing along the water’s edge so they could make fire to cook with’.

Today we arrived at ‘Kakadu National park.’ From here we will travel to Litchfield National Park. We will write all about it in our next post.

‘Leichardt River Falls’

On the way from Karumba to ‘Leichardt River Falls’ . The QLD Outback.

'Hells Gate Roadhouse'

At 'Hells Gate Roadhouse'

Leaving 'Hells Gate Roadhouse' on the way to Borroloola (NT) on the Savannah HWY

On the way to Borroloola (NT) on the Savannah HWY

Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park

Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park


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