So our 'Big Lap' begins (stories and photographs)

And here we are again. When last time Lindsay and I endeavoured to go on a very long road trip we were forced to return home as Covid took over. We had to return home within 24 hours driving from QLD to Victoria without stopping except for fuel (You can read all about it in our last post from 2021)

So now with our dog Djngo as well we are starting again with our plan to travel the ‘Big Lap’ via the back roads. This road trip will also finalise my photography project ‘In to the Outback’ which will become a book.

Yesterday the 24th of April, we hooked up our new caravan and started our road trip and postings of our adventures which will be posted on a regular basis on this blog.

Our first stop is in Boolarra in Gippsland Victoria at a free camping ground behind the Boolarra hotel. We will try to stop in as many pubs as possible as we find them full of the locals, interesting characters and atmosphere.

The photo on this post is just a pastoral scene driving through Gippsland.

If you are interested in our adventure, our stories and photographs, please follow us.

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