The Living Desert Sculpture Symposium

Only a few days until we start travelling to the Big Red Bash in Birdsville (Simpson desert). But in the meantime I would like to share a photograph that I took from ‘Living Desert State Park’ in Nine Mile Rd, Broken Hill.

The outstanding range of work on a hilltop northwest of Broken Hill were created in 1993 by 12 international sculptors. They were responding to the limitless landscape, using some 52 tonnes of sandstone, using the local miners' old chisels to carve the tough rock, while camping in tents, on site. The colours of the stone change regularly with the change of light. Consider visiting at sunset to add another dimension to the romance of this wonderful place, or alternately at dawn (my preferred time). The sculptures are on Nine Mile Rd, inside the living Desert State Park ($6 entry). (some of the info in this post was taken from Lonely Planet on- line) - Photograph by Nathan (Natti) Miller

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