The Nullarbor and ‘Banda cliffs’

Travelling on long roads can make you a bit of philosopher. Driving the long Nullarbor Plain (1100Km) looking at the horizon left and right and seeing where the sky meets the land and then stopping to see the ‘Banda cliffs’ (stretching 210km along the great Australian Bight) made me think about the beauty of nature. This vista on nature makes me realise how we need to really look after this amazing land we have. Preserve it, enjoy it and keep it just as it is.

I am not a ‘climate change’ anarchist, but I feel that we should look after our world with more tenderness. We all spend money to see the Eiffel tower or the Statue of Liberty, and other man made wonders of the world, but we do not seem to travel on the road as much as we are go overseas. AUSTRALIA WAS MADE FOR WANDERING….. Life is good and we can make it better

Also, if any of you are going or on the way to the big Red Bash, come and say hi. We will be in the ‘dog’ section with Django our dog.

Banda cliffs lookout - 1

Banda cliffs lookout - 1

Banda cliffs lookout - 3

Lindsay & Django at the 'Nullarbor Roadhous'

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