The Time has come to hit the road

I think that today is a good day. As from midnight the restriction of 25km travel from home is all gone, and we (Victorians) can get in the car and hit the road. Firstly to New South Wales where we will stick around for 7 days until Queensland will open its borders and from there on all the way to Birdsville for the BRB, and from there all the way around Australia. In the meantime while we are in NSW, we will do the Darling river run all the way from Pooncarie via Wilcannia, Tilpa, Louth, Bourke, Brewarrina, to Walgett and on the way visit the “Mungo man” National park which we are really looking forward to. So we will photograph and collect stories from the road. So see you all at the Big Red Bash and any way along the road for the next few months. Stay safe on the road and if you are interested, just follow this blog…..all we have to do now is to connect the trailer to the ute….

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